Family Tree Detective

Donna McCreary Rodriguez

McKinney, Texas

Family Tree Detective


I specialize in the American Experience, finding your ancestors as far back as the shores of colonial America.  I provide their story to you in the form of a narrative report that includes the sources of each fact taken from primary or valid secondary documents.  I do not use internet family trees as sources.

Along with the narrative report, I provide a printed family tree graphic depicting all the fascinating branches our research revealed.  This family tree includes dates and locations of births and deaths.  I also provide digital copies of original documents and other materials pertinent to our research. 

If you have a specific research problem or brick wall, I can work just on that.  A project can be as large or small as you wish.

In addition, I can provide expert help in manuscript editing of family histories that you have prepared and can provide significant help in enhancing and restoring photographs and documents.

Professional Genealogy at an Affordable Cost